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Silca System™ brings the look of bricks, stones, tiles, and pavers to any application.

Silca Grate™ an American-made product designed to transform what would be an ordinary deck into an extraordinary elevated patio. It's also ideal for bridges, porches, non-elevated patios, sidewalks, and stairs anywhere you want the look of natural stone, bricks, pavers, or tile. It's especially perfect for applications where lumber or composite lumber would have otherwise been the only choice.

Be sure to Explore our deck photo gallery to see some finished decks or for design ideas. In addition, the pictures provide you with some examples of completed Silca System® decks. Whether you're building, remodeling, resurfacing, or refinishing, this would be a great place to start .

For new construction or remodels, Silca System™ products give you an innovative, affordable way to create an attractive and long-lasting outdoor living space. You can, at last, get the luxurious look and feel of brick, stone, slate, pavers, tiles, and other surface materials where it would've previously been impossible.

Silca Grate™ is suitable for use in paving decks, patios, pool decks, walkways and balconies and other residential or commercial applications. With Silca Grate™ you can resurface or remodel your existing patio, porch, balcony, rooftop deck, or wood decking quickly and easily. Enjoy all the benefits of a solid brick or a natural stone reality without all the hassles of conventional installation methods.