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Premium Wood... Premium Performance!

Natural wood has been a part of man's existance since the beginning of recorded history. At one time or another we have used wood for eveything imaginable. There is no part of our life that is not touched by wood in one way or another. For all the manmade materials available to us wood still provides us with warmth and comfort, both in it's look and feel. Wood is a material that is both aesthetically appealing and endlessly practical. It would surprise many to find that natural wood is our only renewable construction material.

The natural beauty and versatility of wood are fundamental to its universal popularity. When a project requires properties such as high strength, light weight and good insulation. it is wood we first look toward. Wood becomes the ideal choice for many applications. It is sad though that these compelling attributes are offset by the susceptibility of wood to deterioration, especially when exposed to the natural elements. It is ironic how harsh nature can be on natural wood.

Historically the use of hardwoods and the application of toxic chemicals to non-durable woods have provided a partial solution to the problem. However, wood's dimensional stability is not improved and the toxins used are a hazard for humans and the environment. If an alternative existed which was sourced from sustainable forests, had zero toxicity, provided dimensional stability, had long term durability and provided a long term warranty, a perfect material would have been found.