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Bigfoot, the original and best anchor and footing forms, are used with construction tubes for:

● Decks & patios
● Screened porches & verandahs
● Homes, mobile & prefab homes
● Cottages & camps
● Additions, gazebos, ramps
● Carports & garages
● Fences, gate posts & barriers
● Small bridges & walkways
● Barns & sheds
● Greenhouses, arbors & sun rooms
● Signs & mailbox bases
● Basketball net poles
● Docks & moorings
● Traffic lights & flag poles
● Oil pipeline & communication tower
● Light poles & fence poles

Bigfoot Benefit: Big savings plus more

Easy one-day installation saves time, money and aggravation.Traditional wooden form boxes can take up to three days to install.

Engineered design offers footings with greatly increased stability, safety and convenience

The Bigfoot advantage rests with its shape - a bell shaped footing with a round base. It uses the natural laws of physics to evenly distribute the entire load's weight, solidly securing the footing to the earth - acting as an anchor in the strongest of winds.

Bigfoot Benefit: Best value
We say with confidence, "Bigfoot Systems® Footing Forms are the best value for your money!"

And here's why: With one-day installation and one-easy pour to complete the footing, Bigfoot saves you time, aggravation, and hours of labour costs over the traditional wooden-box method. Only five tools are required: level, shovel, screwdriver (and four screws), tape measure and handsaw (or knife) - that's it!
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Bigfoot Benefit: Big safety
Bigfoot Systems® are manufactured from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Bigfoot is used not only as a pier footing, but also acts as an anchor to prevent uplift in areas subject to high-velocity winds. Because of this, our product has a superior advantage in areas subject to hurricanes.