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Cepco Tool Company provides practical, time-saving construction solutions that work. We manufacture useful and unique products for both professional builders and do-it-yourselfers. Our most popular products include the BoWrench®, Insul-Knife®, QuikJack®, and Post Pod Installation Tripod.

The BoWrench® provides a fast, one-person method to straighten decking boards, which are often warped. You will save time, create a longer-lasting surface, and maximize your materials.

The Insul-Knife® can cut through fiberglass insulation in one clean slice, saving time and frustration. The knife's razor sharp blade is ideal for precision cutting of fiberglass and foam boards, as well as insulation.

The QuikJack® is a versatile jack for straightening and joining materials of all sizes over any surface. Use the QuikJack to push, pull, bend, or straighten hardwood flooring on your job site, leaving no gaps.

The Post Pod Kit is a time-saving post-setting tool that can be handled with ease by one person, allowing you to set posts securely in place by yourself.